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Android Workshop

Android Apps Workshop 



Android Apps Workshop mainly focus on how to use Android Studio to built your own Android application. Only basic programming knowledge is required for Android app development. For the first day of the workshop, we will start with the basics like designing layouts and learn basic java for Android Apps Development. Once the basics of Android are done, we will begin with building Apps on the second day.

Workshop Packages 

1. Android Studio & Java SDK Full Installation Guide
2. Android Learning Module


Certificate of participation will be given at the end of workshop.


1. Basic knowledge on programming
2. Android 4.0 and above
3. Window 7 and above
4. 4GB RAM and above

Workshop Details

Date       :  28 & 29 April
Time      :  9 - 5 pm
Venue    :  Center for Student Innovation (CSI) @ KTC

Content Video:


Registration link: https://goo.gl/fvdurx
Registration Fee:
  • RM30 (before 24/4)
  • RM35 (24/4 onwards)

Contact Detail:

Phone: 0107893899 (Whatsapp/sms/call)


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