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Robocon Malaysia 2012

After months of waiting for the official update from SIRIM, the official website of Robocon Malaysia was finally updated! Look forward to ROBOCON MALAYSIA 2012. :D


  1. hi...i want 2 ask according to some of the FAQ question...
    what is the max pressure 6 bar mean in FAQ??
    isnt all pressure in air tanks add up.eg, if i have 3 air tank in my robot and each contain 3 bar, thats mean i have 9 bar and break the rule.
    isnt 6 bar count as 1 air tank in the robot.eg, i have 3 air tank in my robot each contain 3 bar, that mean i din't break the rule.
    which condition is correct??

  2. no
    max pressure for each tank is 6 bars
    so if u have 3 air tanks, max pressure for each tank is 6 bars
    tank 1 - 6 bars
    tank 2 - 6 bars
    tank 3 - 6 bars
    if all 3 tanks above are installed on A ROBOT, it is allowed

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  4. thx...bcasue we are first time use phneumatic...so we are not so clear for the rule...thx a lot....

  5. May I know which university are you from? :-D

  6. from usm...might ask another q..how there measure the pressure during the day??

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