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2012 UTMost Robocon Competition


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2012 UTMost Robocon Competition

Back in March, UTM Robocon is going to organise 2012 UTMost Robocon Competition in conjunction with UTMost Imagination Festival 2012.

This competition is conceived to light up society's interest towards advancement in robotics and automation. Besides, through this competition participant will be able to gain exciting robot controlling experience and win prizes.

It is scheduled to be held between 29 March to 30 March 2012 at Padang Kawat Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Brief Tentative:

***Registration is opened to everyone at specific time!!!

 1/4/2012 (Sunday) : Grand Finale (for 3 BEST Operators)

Game In Brief:

- 3 medals (gold, silver, bronze) will be given out in each game for the 3 fastest participants.
- Each game is limited to 10 persons only. (First come first serve basis)
- Registration have to be done within 1 hour before the match.
- Each individual is only allowed to register once only.
- 3 best operators of all the games will be awarded with Grand Prizes in the grand finale!
- certification of participation will be given to all participants.



 RM100, T-shirt, Medal , Certificate

1st Runner-up 
RM50, T-shirt, Medal , Certificate  
2nd Runner-up 
T-shirt, Medal, Certificate

How to Play?

A conventional manual robot will be prepared for the participant to perform the task in this game which is related to ABU ROBOCON 2012.

Participant is only required to know the game rule, control the robot to perform certain task and win prizes!
During Test Run:
1. Each participant will be given a manual guide before test run.
2. Each participant will be given 2 minutes to test the robot.
3. Participant is allowed to test the robot in the game field.
4. The participant not allowed to destroy the game field and the robot intentionally.

Rules and Regulation:-

Before Match:
1.       The manual robot must be position at starting zone within 1.5 m x 1 m.
2.       The operator must not enter into the game field before the match start.
3.       The match will only start after the chief judge blow the whistle.

Game field

Game Procedure and Competition Task:
1.       Participant  will navigate the Manual Robot from starting zone to the token stand.
2.       The Manual robot will pick the token from token stand.
3.       Manual robot will put the token into the token box.
4.       Manual Robot cannot enter the zone B area until the token successfully put into the token box.
5.      Manual robot goes through the zone B with the zigzag path which the white lines represent as the obstacles.
6.      Manual Robot will pick the Basket at the loading area 1.
8.       Before unload the basket to the loading area 2 the basket should not touch the floor of the game field.
9.       Once the manual robot put the basket into loading area 2 successfully the match will immediately end.

Game field (top view)

Restarting Point:
1.       In the case of failing of a task, the robot can be brought back to the starting zone with the consent of the chief judge. 

2.       If the token was not successfully put inside the token box, or the token fell to the floor after picking it up from the token stand, the manual robot has to restart from the starting zone through referee permission.

Game Duration:
1.       Each match last for 3 minutes at most.
2.       In any of following cases, the games end immediately.
                                 i.            The basket successfully put into loading area 2.
                               ii.            When the referee blow a long whistle to stop the game.
General Restriction:
1.       The operator should not touch any part of mechanism of manual robot except the controller during the match.
2.       Manual robot and operator should not touch the white line.
3.       During retry, the operator should ask the referee’s permission before continuing the game.

Deciding the Winner:
1.       The participants who manage to put the basket successfully into the loading area 2 within 3 minutes will be considering as winner.
2.       If both participants manage to  put the basket successfully into the loading area 2 within 3 minutes the winner shall be decided by total scores after deduction of violations points in that match.
3.       If both participants manage to put the basket successfully into the loading area 2 within 3 minutes with same earning scores the winner shall be decided by time record for the participant to complete all tasks.
4.       If neither team can complete all tasks, the winner shall be decided by total scores earning after deduction of violation points.

The marks of each task described as follows:
                                 i.            Put the token successfully into the token box. [20 marks]
                               ii.            Manage to navigate through the zigzag path without violation. [30 marks]
                              iii.            Put the basket successfully to the loading area zone 2. [50 marks]

1.       False Start. (Start operate robot before the chief judge give the permission)
2.       Touch any parts of robot during match except retry.
3.       Robot or operator intentionally or unintentionally touch the white lines (fence)
4.       Retry without the permission from referee.
5.       Each violation causes a deduction of 30 marks.

 Enquiry & Registration:

FREE registration is opened for EVERYONE at UTM ROBOCON Booth,  only at the registration time shown in the table above.

  1. Khor (0175945737 , xiangkk@gmail.com)
  2. Guan (0149100882 , gguann@hotmail.com)
  3. Fandi (0134049183 , affandidaut@yahoo.com)
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us.

Please be noted that participation number is limited , hope to see you there!


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