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Rules and Regulations for Lab P10

Since we had moved to the new lab. We have amended new rules and regulations for our new lab. Please read and follow the rules and regulations.
Rules and Regulations for Lab P10
1.      Safety first.
2.      Shoes must be arranged neatly outside the lab.
3.      No shoes allowed except for the mechanism area.
4.      Shoes are to be worn in the mechanism area at all times.
5.      No shorts pants and sleeveless are allowed to be worn.
6.      Do Not touch the LAN server unless stated.
7.      Cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility.
8.      Take care of UTM ROBOCON’s properties.
9.      Save electricity. Switch off unused electrical appliances after use.  
10.  Do not be too noisy.
11.  Comics, computer/hp games and non-related videos are restricted.
12.  Music is allowed as long as it does not disturb others.
13.  Food and drinks are restrictedly to be thrown outside.
14.  All windows and doors must be close and lock before you leave.
15.  Return and rearrange anything back to its original position before you leave.
16.  Non UTM ROBOCON members are not allowed to enter the lab unless permitted.
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Welcome New Members!

Congratulations to those who have been selected to become the UTM ROBOCON team member year 2013. UTM ROBOCON boleh !

1.   Bong Yu Liang
2.   Cham Hong Leong
3.   Chin Ing Swee
4.   Hamizah binti Anuar
5.   Heng Jia Sen
6.   Ikhwanuddin bin Md Isa
7.   Lee Sin Dee
8.   Lim Wei Sze
9.   Mohammad Hafizuddin bin Majek
10. Muhammad Firdhaus Dhaiman bin Mahamad Amin
11. Mohammad Nawawi bin Mat Yusof
12. Muhammad Najib bin Abdullah
13. Muhammad Sofwan bin Zamri
14. Musab Umair bin Zahrin
15. Tam Yeen Shin
16. Yeap Yihow

Our first meeting will be held on 23 NOV 2013 (8.30p.m.) at P10. Please be punctual.

Best regards.


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Reminder for The Recruitment Interview 2013

This Sunday (18 November 2012), we are going to have an interview session to recruit new members of ROBOCON 2103. Those who have registered the interview are not allowed to change their session. These are the sessions available: morning (8:30am - 12:00pm), afternoon (2:30pm - 6:00pm) and night (8:00pm - 11:00pm).

These are the things that you have to prepare for the interview:
i) Read up on the ROBOCON history
ii) Familiarize yourself with the ROBOCON 2013 Vietname game rules
iii) Read through the Workshop booklet
iv) Bring your autocar / mechanism structure
v) Bring printed programming code (autocar) / mechanical sketch (mechanism)
vi) Make sure the printed code is in ROBOCON programming coding standard (autocar)

A kind reminder, please be half an hour early before your registered interview session. Any questions regarding on the interview, please kindly ask in this post.

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We Just Moved! :D

For the past 2 years, we stayed in E05, FKM, building our robots and having countless training. Now, we have moved back to the previous old lab, P10, FKE. After 3 days of hard work, we have successfully settled into our new place.

Cleaning the floor of the new place.
Arranging and filtering the items before putting back in the lab
Work Place for the Programmers
Enjoying after successfully settle in
New Electronic Room


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List of Components for AutoCar Competition

No Item Quantity
1 Slide Switch 2
2 2 Pin Connector 6
3 4 Pin Connector 4
4 Battery holder 2
5 Ceramic Capacitor 104 15
6 Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 2
7 Crystal 10MHz 1
8 DB9 Female 1
9 Diode 1N4007 1
10 Donut Board (small) 2
11 Electrolytic Capacitor 330uF/16V 2
12 L293D 1
13 LM324 1
14 MAX 232 1
15 PIC18F4520 1
16 IC Socket 40pin 1
17 IC Socket 16pin 2
18 IC Socket 14pin 1
19 3MM LED (R/G/Y) 12
20 Push Button 4-Pin 3
21 Preset 10K 4
22 Resistor 330R 15
23 Resistor 4K7 8
24 Tamiya Truck Tire Set 0.5
25 Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox 1
26 Terminal Pin 15
27 USB Bootloader Converter 1
28 Voltage Regulator 7805 1
29 IR receiver 4
30 IR transmitter 4
Total RM 150


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Registration Booth Timetable

Please refer to the timetable below for the registration booth time slot at N28, FSKSM (Ground Floor) this week(24 Sept - 28 Sept) and C24, FKM. This is your only chance to join us, please do not hesitate to register to attend our workshop at our registration booth. For those who had registered via Workshop Pre-Registration Form, please visit our booth for your registration payment.

FSKSM Registration Booth Time Slot

FKM Registration Booth Time Slot


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New Member Recruitment

Pre-Registration for our workshop is available now. This is the only chance you can become 1 of the members of UTM Robocon Team 2013, so what are you waiting for? Please do not hesitate to register on Workshop Pre-Registration Form and like our UTM Robocon facebook page for more updates. Join us now!


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ABU ROBOCON 2013 Vietnam

ABU ROBOCON 2013 will be held in Vietnam. This time the contest theme is "THE GREEN PLANET" which the designed robots have to "plant" the "leafs" and shoot a "seed" to complete and win the game. For more details, please kindly refer to the video below.

The link below is the ABU ROBOCON 2013 Vietnam Official Website.
The link below is the rulebook of ABU ROBOCON 2013.


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Final Result of ABU Robocon 2012 in Hong Kong

ABU Robocon Hong Kong 2012 has successfully come to an end. Congratulations to China, the winner of grand prix also Japan, the winner of ABU Robocon Award. UTM Robocon has awarded with Best Design Award. For more details check out the page Final Result.


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Domestic Game 2012

Malaysia ROBOCON Domestic Game 2012
The Domestic ROBOCON 2012 was held on 12 July 2012 until 17 July 2012. After putting so much effort preparing this competition within this 9 months, we managed to secure our last year title. Our UTM B successfully won the game as champion. Whereas, UTM A won third place and also Best Engineering Award.
UTM A team photo session before heading to the game
UTM C team photo session before heading to the game
UTM B won as the champion of Malaysia ROBOCON Domestic 2012
UTM ROBOCON Team photo session after winning the game


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Grand Demonstration of UTM ROBOCON 2012

Photo taken by Ng Khin Sheng

After 9 months of hardship and struggling that members have been through, the domestic competition is just around the corner. The grand demonstration of UTM ROBOCON was held at E05, FKM on 6th of July 2012. 

All the members are in red.

Attenders to Grand Demonstration

Prof. Dr Shamsudin bin Hj. Mohd Amin , The founder of UTM ROBOCON

Prof. Ir. Dr. Abdul Halim bin Mohd Yatim, The dean of FKE

The team of UTM ROBOCON 2011/2012

UTM ROBOCON 2012 Montage


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Robocon Malaysia 2012

After months of waiting for the official update from SIRIM, the official website of Robocon Malaysia was finally updated! Look forward to ROBOCON MALAYSIA 2012. :D


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Utmost Robocon Competition Part II

Let's get CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE with UTMost Imagination!!!

 Innovation and Creativity Festival or branded as UTMost Imagination 2012 is a festival to showcase the innovative products developed by UTM citizens. 

With the theme INNOVATION IS FUN, many other interactive activities which include competitions, creative games and gadget and prototype testing will be greeting the visitors.

One of the highlight is the Humanoid Robot from UTM with his amazing action!! 

UTMost Robocon Competition was one of the main event in this festival.

This year, the game's theme was set according to the ABU Robocon 2012's game. One typical manual robot was given to the participant and the fastest operator will be the winner of the game.

Here comes one of the winners from undergraduate of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UTM.

After the competition, UTM Robocon also opened the chance for public to have this exciting robot drive!

In this festival, the 2012 team will share the technology in an interactive game design for visitors.

We hope this annually held competition will be able to light up the interest of society towards robotic and automation.

Hope to See you next year!!!

For more information, please log on :   http://www.utm.my/utmost/