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Notice for Mechanical and Autocar Assignment Participants

How to get to E05 ?
The meeting is on 12/10/2011 (Wednesday) at 8.30 pm, E05 FKM (red cirlce in the map).  Please wear a long pants and be punctual. All the information and game rules regarding the mechanical and autocar assignment will be further discussed in the meeting.

For those who haven't pay for the fees of autocar assignment are required to pay in the meeting. Any payment made after the meeting will not be accepted.

How to get to E05 FKM ? The E05 lab is circled in the map above. There is a bus station in front of the block D06 and E05 is at right behind it. You may follow the red line in the map to get to E05.

Here is the list of components for autocar. This is an standard list of components for an autocar. You can buy extra components other than the listed.

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