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UTM In ABU ROBOCON 2012 Bangkok

"The world is like a book, if you do not travel the world, you are only looking at it's cover"

This year, UTM was selected to represent Malaysia in the ABU ROBOCON 2011 at Bangkok. Undeniably, this is a good opportunity to travel and to learn more from other countries.

Of course, our main objective is to win in the ABU ROBOCON for 2011. Much preparation have been made for this contest.

Finally, we are packed and leave for Bangkok from LCCT, Sepang.

Using the Air Asia flight.

We were greeted by the ABU ROBOCON Secretariat, bunch of friendly people, and of course our lovely team assistant, Didy.

Although the contest did not went too well for us, we learned a lot from the event. And hopefully, we will win in the next ABU ROBOCON game in Hong Kong.

We did some photo session with various country like Egypt,





and this funky host from Thailand,


Hong Kong,


and we exchange gifts and souvenirs too.

with Mongolia,


A certificate presentation ceremony.

And finally, we departed from the venue.

This time we are lucky because we visited the Champion's team university, the Dhurakij Pundit University from Thailand.

It is a great opportunity to learn from them.

Sharing is the most important virtue,

testing their robots,

exchanging gifts,

And finally a photo session with DPU Robot, the best team ever!

Nice university, DPU.

They are generous enough too, to bring us to their spare part market.

This place beats Malaysia's Jalan Pasar by few times folds.

See you in Hong Kong


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